A Wall Sculpture for Swedish House Mafia

When the team from ScotiaBank Arena (In Toronto) reached out to me to make a gift they could present to Swedish House Mafia, my mind immediately went to smoke machines and lights.  Inspired by the groups signature three circle logo, I decided to build a wall mounted sculpture, backlit with RGB LEDs, that had an internal smoke machine that would blow smoke from behind the centre circles. 

Of course, this being a JBV Creative Project, I had to add some moving parts to it that use gears, motors and electronics; and an Arduino to control the whole thing. This is the result of 20 days of work on Solidworks, over 100 hours of 3D printing, and lots of fun experimentation.

Here are the features of this sculpture:

  • Custom Waterjet marble top and circles (This is my first time ever working with ceramic tile and waterjets)
  • A hidden control panel that runs on a servo driven rack and pinion system and limit switches which is activated by a hidden switch
  • Backlit with RGB LED strips and neopixel rings
  • Full potentiometer control of the RGB LEDs that allows you to pick any colour you want for the lights
  • Automated vapor resevoir refill system which is servo actuated

Overall, I was incredibly satisfied with the way the project turned out!  If you have any artistic ideas that you would like for me to help you realize, feel free to reach out jbvcreative@gmail.com