Interactive Art Installations are the best way to encourage your guests to become active participants at your event. They are a fantastic way of engaging people, while also providing a unique and interesting talking point. Whether you are running a corporate event or a more personal type of gathering, an interactive art installation will surely make for a memorable time.

 I would be happy to work with you to see your interactive installation dreams come true, or I could provide new and innovative ideas to get the ball rolling. No matter where you are in the creative process, let’s jump on a call and see what we can do together! 

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100% handmade soap bar


Being creative and bringing new ideas to life is what I am most passionate about. If you are in need of an art piece for your home, office, event or otherwise, I would love to work with you!

You can come to me with anything from the vaguest of ideas to a detailed sketch of what you are looking for (and anything in between) and we will come up with a plan on how to make it happen. 

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This one is wide open! 

Whatever it is you're looking for is worth us talking about. Give me a call and let's work it out together.

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