The Deadbeat Escapement
The Deadbeat Escapement
The Deadbeat Escapement
The Deadbeat Escapement

The Deadbeat Escapement

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Similar to the recoil anchor, but differing in one important way- the design of the anchor follows an exact radius from one side to the other.  This allows the anchor to stop completely on each beat, increasing it's reliability and durability. This is the escapement used in my 3D printed clock

The how to assemble video is available here

The STL File:

Prints on all standard 3d printers without supports, requires the following additional parts to assemble:

- 2 M4x12 Screws (I used some from this set)

- 4 M4 Washers (These are the ones)

- 2 624Z 13mm OD/4mm ID Bearings (These work great)

- 6ft 1mm Nylon String or Fishing Line (I used string from this set)

Recommended print settings:

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Infill: 15-18% 

Total Print Time: ~19 hours

Total Filament Used: ~145g

**All the files have been pre-oriented to save you some set up time! All you need to do is drop the parts into your slicer and hit print!

The Kit:

Let me do the printing for you! You will receive all the parts required to assemble this kinetic sculpture yourself.  

Discord Channel:

I Created a discord channel to talk about all things Escapement and 3D Printed clock.  You can join with this link