The Rolling Ball Escapement
The Rolling Ball Escapement
The Rolling Ball Escapement

The Rolling Ball Escapement

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This is one of my all time favourites- instead of a pendulum, this escapement uses a ball bearing rolling along a track to keep time.  At the end of the track, the escapement hits a trigger which causes the track to slant the other way, starting the cycle again.

Here is the video that shows how easily this mechanism can be assembled!

The STL File:

Prints on all standard 3d printers without supports, requires the following additional parts to assemble:

- 4 M4x12| 2 M4x20 Screws (I used this set)

-8 M4 Washers (These are the ones)

- 6 624Z 13mm OD/4mm ID Bearings (These work great)

- 7 1/2" Ball Bearings (Like these)

- 1mm Nylon String or Fishing Line (I used string from this set)

Recommended print settings:

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Infill: 15-18% 

Total Print Time: ~ 15 hours

Total Filament Required: ~200g

Minimum Build Plate Required: 205x205mm

Please note that these files are for personal enjoyment only.  If you do wish to sell PRINTED versions of this model, you can do so with a JBV Creative Small Business License

**All the files have been pre-oriented to save you some set up time! All you need to do is drop the parts into your slicer and hit print!

The Kit:

Let me do the printing for you! You will receive all the parts required to assemble this kinetic sculpture yourself.  

Discord Channel:

I Created a discord channel to talk about all things Escapement and 3D Printed clock.  You can join with this link