The Animation Station STL

The Animation Station STL

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Whether your running away, or towards, your problems, or you're dancing through them, there's something incredibly satisfying about the way animations used to be done.  This fully 3d printed sculpture uses a trick of the eye to make satisfying looping animations come to life.

The STL File:

Prints on all standard 3d printers, requires no additional tools or assembly. This video shows how to assemble it! This file comes with all the available animation sets of your choice, along with a blank set so you can create your own.  As more sets get released, you will receive an update-email so you can download the new ones!

Recommended print settings:

Layer Height: 0.2mm

Nozzle: 0.4mm

Infill: 15-18% 

Total Print Time: ~10 hours

Total Material: ~200g

**All the files have been pre-oriented to save you some set up time! All you need to do is drop the parts into your slicer and hit print!